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Nurturing  Your Journey

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You are welcome here. I am so humbled you paused to connect with me. Each of our journeys is as unique as we are as beings yet, TOGETHER, we can truly thrive on our individual paths. Whether we come together in yoga, meditation, on retreat, in conversation or simply in spirit, may our connection be soul-FULL and contained with loving-kindness and respect for our similarities, as well as our differences. Together, may we awaken our hearts. May you be nourished in peace, love and wellness in all aspects of your being. 

In Gratitude & Love,


(Photo by Trinity Wheeler Photography)

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Upcoming Immersions & Retreats

  • Radiant Heart  Retreat:  Unfolding in the Dance of Life
    Radiant Heart  Retreat:  Unfolding in the Dance of Life
    Thu, Nov 21
    Ojas Retreat Center
    Nov 21, 2024, 3:00 PM – Nov 24, 2024, 11:30 AM
    Ojas Retreat Center, 21100 Via Los Laureles, Murrieta, CA 92562, USA
    Come together with like-hearted women to hold space for one another in an intimate container to deepen intimacy with our compassion, love & inner joy while exploring movement, meditation and intimate connection practices to awaken heart wisdom.

My Journey


 A Bit About Me...

I began leading yoga and practices in 2009. My practices are soulfully led to inspire deep inward attention and awaken curiosity.  As we begin to explore the depths of our human experience, we build deeper self-trust in our own intuitive nature and we can honor and nourish ourselves in our moment to moment experiences body, mind and soul. 


My teachings come from lessons from my own transformation and healing through yoga's many lineages invaluable wisdom and the dharma of Vipassana or Insight meditation.  I have recently graduated from an intensive and immersive Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification program led by my beloved teachers Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach.  This experience has opened me up to acknowledge how I was bound by my thoughts and beliefs with rigid boundaries of separation from myself & others. I have learned that when we begin to open up to our own light, which is the pure love with in us, our light within shines to light up the abundant life going on around us and we are able to see more clearly how interconnected we are to all others and the natural world we live in. It is then, with our hearts and our eyes open, when truth is clear and we may begin to appreciate more fully that we are so much more than our bodies-we are infinite and ever-evolving. for ourselves, for all of life, for all others, is where this clarity derives from.  Accessing this divine unity through yoga asana, meditation, pranayama is nourishment for our bodies, minds and our souls. It my vow to share what I have learned with deepest respect and reverence for my teachers, my teachers' teachers and all others before me from the deep roots of Buddhist and Yogic Wisdom-India.

May we  nurture and hold space for ourselves and one another on this journey toward more loving awareness, kindness and compassion.

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Thanks for connecting with me!

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