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Get Up, Stand Up, Walk and Meditate

Traditional Buddhist Dharma on Mindfulness Meditation describes how meditation should be done seated in a dignified posture...but there are other traditional ways that the dharma also shares so that the practice is not only consistent , but cultivates the joyfulness of the practice that is so essential. As much as possible, I like to meditate in nature. Practicing in nature, we can sense our inherent connection to the natural world around us and we may also experience a greater sense of freedom and spacious inside out when we practice outside the confines of our home or office. We can take our formal sitting practice outdoors or we can get up and go for a mindful walking practice. Here is my guide to the practice. Try it and let me know how you experienced your mindful walking practice, I look forward to hearing from you. May your practice be fruitful.
Many blessings to you on your journey,

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